Spokane River Stories

The Spokane River Stewardship Partners (SRSP) have been accommodating growth and needs since the early 1900s, and continue to work every day for a healthy river. View a detailed historic timeline that explains how the SRSP have been responding to community needs and improving Spokane River water quality since the early 1900s. See how each of the Spokane River Partners originated and what they are doing today.


Photos of the Spokane River and Partners working daily for a healthy river are below.

City of Spokane Wastewater Treatment Plant in 1958 1977 upgrades to the Riverside Wastewater Treatment Plant Recent upgrades to Riverside Water Reclamation Facility Water quality testing at Liberty Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Recycling paper at Inland Empire Paper Company Inland Empire Paper Company manufacturing recycled newsprint Inland Empire Paper Company's latest developments in algae technology Inland Empire Paper Company's Photo Bioreactor Avista's Long Lake Dam City of Post Falls Water Reclamation Team Members of the Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board Team Dragon boats racing along the Spokane River Spokane River at the Monroe Street Bridge SRSP sponsored the 2009 Spokane River Clean Up Members of the SRSP help during the 2009 Spokane River Clean Up